Unique, handdrawn art by Perla Schippers

Welcome to LiefsPerla – the art website for Perla Schippers. Since starting her drawings on instagram, Perla has gained tens of thousands of followers, done commissions for everything from album covers to designs for team shirts. On here, you can see some of her work, which she posts mainly on instagram. Original drawings are available for purchase, as well as merchandise from some of the designs. Supporting the work is easy and you get to have actual goods with these wholesome drawings on them.

Recent Instagram Art


The Dutch Maven Of Black And White Abstract Art

Article: Angela Li, Aatonau

Support the artist: Merch & Original art

Merchandise items are all made based on drawings by Perla. This is a great way to support the artist and get something beautiful out of the deal! The original drawings are sometimes available to purchase. Interested in a particular piece? Get in touch.

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